Friday, November 30, 2007

Automated Functional Testing using Watij

Watij is framework providing API's which help in automating functional tests of Web Applications. It supports only Internet explorer in Windows platform.

It can be downloaded at

Its simplicity makes it the first choice for simple web application functionality test automation.It also comes with a bean shell integrated which can execute the tests directly. For this to work replace the provided jniwrap.dll file in the windows installation directory.

Other frameworks line Sahi or Selenium also could be used for automated functional testing of web frameworks . More professional framework includes
Rational Robo – supporting visual basic like scripts
Rational Functional Tester(also supports scripting in java )

Both rational products are owned by IBM.

For simpler(non-professional) format, watij would be more useful because of its simplicity.Small load testing like hundred windows to be opened pointing at a particular URL,web applicationed being opened a few consecutive times could be easily achieved.

Since one cantnot purchase or spend much on these small activities Watij would server the purpose.A simple java code, as the following would open a Internet Explorer window and type the search string followed by a enter key hit.

IE ie = new IE();
ie.button("Google Search").click();

Also other supporting functionalities are provided on the IE object which could be easily used for simple applications.

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