Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Symbolic Links

There are two concepts of `link' in Unix, usually called hard link and
soft link.

A soft link (or symbolic link, or symlink) :it is a small special file that contains a pathname. Thus,
soft links can point at files on different filesystems


To create Soft link
ln -s [target] [linkname]

Delete links
rm [link name]

Display Links
ls -l

A hard link is just a name for a file. (And a file can have several names). It is deleted from disk only when the last name is removed. Hard link can be created without the -s option.

The major use of links would be to avoid redundancy and it saves a lot of maintenance headaches.A typical case would be to avoid redudant image copy into multiple locations . Instead create symbolic links. Changing one image serves the need , if not links can be overridden with location specific image.

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