Monday, March 23, 2009

LightStreamer - Server Push Technology

Lightstreamer is a scalable and reliable Server for pushing live data to Rich Internet Applications

Based on the AJAX-Comet paradigm, it streams real-time data to any Web browser, without installing anything on the client. Both HTML and Flex applications can receive live data from Lightstreamer, as well as traditional thick clients.

Lightstreamer is a “Push Engine”, i.e. a server software that is able to push (or stream) any textual data in real-time to any types of clients across the Internet. Lightstreamer hides all the complexity of pushing data in a scalable, efficient, reliable and portable way.

Lightstreamer is useful for any application that requires the efficient delivery of real-time data through the Internet. Examples of possible applications include: financial market data distribution (stock quotes, news); online betting and gaming; live bids for e-auctions; Web-based monitoring consoles; online communities with live user interaction (messaging, chat, presence).

LightStreamer runs as a separate process which stays connected with the client to push data.The technology behind this is once the client page completes its refresh a final request is sent from the client to the lightstreamer server which is held without sending a response.The response is sent only when the item which is displayed on the client has been updated on the server.

Sample HelloWorld Program :

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