Saturday, November 1, 2008

OSWORKFLOW - Workflow Engine

OSWorkflow is fairly different from most other workflow systems available, both commercially and in the open source world. What makes OSWorkflow different is that it is extremely flexible.
OSWorkflow can be considered a "low level" workflow implementation. Situations like "loops" and "conditions" that might be represented by a graphical icon in other workflow systems must be "coded" in OSWorkflow.

Almost all of the required libraries for OSWorkflow are included in the distribution:
OSCore 2.0.1+
PropertySet 1.2+
Jakarta commons-logging
BeanShell (optional)
BSF (optional)
EJB interfaces (not neccesarily an EJB container)
XML parser (Not required for JDK 1.4)

Various concepts in oSWorkFlow are
Workflow Definition
Workflow Concepts
Common and Global Actions
SOAP Support

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