Thursday, March 5, 2009

Log4j Slf4j issues in Spring Dm

If you try to use log4j in any application under Spring DM we may get some ClassNotFound exceptions . The issue could be the following - is present in

springsource-dm-server-ee-1.0.2.RELEASE\repository\bundles\ext directory and it shares a package org.apache.log4j

Now when you put your log4j jar into repository\bundles\usr - it also shares the same package
org.apache.log4j .

Hence one in the repository is resolved first . So all requests to classes in the log4j jar within package org/apache/log4j will give ClassNotFound Exceptions as it looks for these classes in slf4j jar .

The easiest way i resolved this was by deleting from the repository . This change did not affect any logging of the spring Dm server.

Another way to solve this is

Import-Package: org.apache.log4j;bundle-symbolic-name=""

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