Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OSGi - Putting classes into Boot delegation path

To put any classes into the the boot delegation path in Osgi the follwoing needs to be done
add the entry into org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation
in the follwing file --> springsource-dm-server-ee-1.0.1.RELEASE\lib\java6-server.profile
Once classes are added into the this boot path there is no need to import this in any of the bundle manifests.
But the disadvantage here is that these classe are loaded by the Boot Class loader , and hence we loose the independent runtime deployments of these classes.
But this trick can be used while integrating with teraacotta or other cases , where we can give away independent deploymenta dvantage , but get flexibilty of loading these classes using boot class laoder and also have these classes directly without any imports.

The other way of getting classes under boot class path is to make it system package or extender bundle of a system package.

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