Sunday, November 15, 2009

Extending OSGi telnet for custom commands

OSGi telnet command provided by equinox can be easily extended to implement custom commands.

First we need to write a class with which implements the custom commands.the methods should start with _ to be identified as osgi telnet commands.The getHelp command needs to be overwritten ,which will display the command when help is hit on the telnet console.

import org.eclipse.osgi.framework.console.CommandInterpreter;
import org.eclipse.osgi.framework.console.CommandProvider;

public class CustomCommands implements CommandProvider {
public String getHelp() {
return "***********CUSTOM COMMANDS*******************\n";

public void _testcommand(CommandInterpreter ci) {
ci.println("arg 1" + ci.nextArgument());
ci.println("arg 2" + ci.nextArgument());

Next step is to write a BundleActivator and register the command Provider service.

public void start(BundleContext ctx) throws Exception {
customCmd = new CustomCommands();
//created a instance of the implementation of our custom commands
ctx.registerService(CommandProvider.class.getName(),customCmd, null);


Dont forget to add the bundle activator class to the manifest. Manifest should include the following.

Import-Package: org.eclipse.osgi.framework.console;version="[1.0.0,1.0.0]",
Bundle-Activator: com.command.extender.CommandBundleActivator

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