Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spring Integration+JMS(JBOSS)+OSGi

I have a POC for spring integration to be used along with JBoss and OSGi in Spring Dm server 2.0M6.

Code Sample
[Download this pdf - Rename file from pdf to rar and extract]

SwitchBoardBundle – Exposes connection factories as service

Exposes common thread pools as service

[Jboss ip values for connection factories are picked from property files]

Ara Bundle - Start a timertask which puts message into a login channel.

This channel is exposed as a service which is imported by PamClient Channel

Ara bundles defines its own thread pool and receives connectionFactory service from switchboard bundle.

PamClient Bundle - Listens to local events from ara bundle and remote events from Pamserver bundle

Imports login channel service from Ara bundle

Uses common thread pool defined in switchboard bundle

[Property file has values which can point each topic or queue to be hosted on a specific Jboss server]

PamServer Bundle – generates events on regular time intervals which will be put into Jms queue using jms adapters.

Also tested a use case where we could change connection factory without getting down the server

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