Sunday, May 9, 2010

Integration of Terracotta with Spring Dm server

At this moment I am using the following version of the softwares

Spring DM server(or DM Kernel) - 2.0.1 version
Terracotta- version 3.2.1


In Dm server

1. Modify springsource-dm-kernel-2.0.1.RELEASE\bin\ to start with terracotta cleint.

Change $JAVA_HOME/bin/java to $TERRACOTTA_CLIENT_PATH/bin/

2. Change springsource-dm-kernel-2.0.1/lib/java6-server.profile to include terracotta classes in boot delegation path

Add under org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation = \*,\

Changes in Terracotta

1. change tc-config.xml to have the following tims

<module name="tim-equinox-3.5.1" version="1.1.1"/>
<module name="tim-ehcache-2.0" version="1.5.2"/>
<module name="tim-distributed-cache" version="1.3.2"/>
<module name="tim-concurrent-collections" version="1.3.2"/>

2. Add the following app group element in tc-config.xml

<app-group name="osgiAppGroup">

Thw app group element in only required if you want to share dso classes between standalone JVM and Spring Dm server(where dso classes are laoded by bundle classlaoder).

Also important thing to be noted is that inside a JVM all shared classes(dso's) have to be laoded by a single classloader.[Inside spring Dm server all dso classes should be a single bundle]

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