Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spring Training -Day 5

Create new platform (may be equinox 3.5) – eclipse may be using 3.4

Eclipse takes ini file – which when bundles added to a folder adds it to the file –Eclipse can do it easily.

Uses conflict may be ClassCastExceptions or Linkage Exceptions

Uses is whatever the bundle is resolved to .(Ex If struts has import;log4j and in any Export blabla;uses log4j – no issues because it will resolves to log4j in applications classpath just forcing us to use the same log4j.. When uses is with version becomes very critical)

Ideally 3rd party guys should not be ideally using uses –unless they want to restrict , but still relaxed using import in struts lib without version – so whatever 3rd party resolves to in our lib.

Import without version no – resolves to latest.

Class loader performance may increase -steps reduced for loading from the conventional model.

Osgi command – packages - searches for the package in all bundles.

BundleContext- used to install/uninstall bundles, deal with events and services programmatically

When multiple services have same ranking – will be solved based on service id – least one – the first one registered.

Extender bundle

Spring extender bundle creates bundle context for bundles which are in ACTIVE state . May be this is the reason bundles in usr lib cannot exposes services.(because they don’t move to active state)

Application context for bundles are created asynchronously when DM server starts up. It can be changed to get a sync behaviour.

When synchronous, it does not spawn a new thread for creating context and waits until context is created.(If any bundle is picked up before by the extender that may run in a separate thread)

Appcontext fails – it uninstalls the bundle – hence cannot verify errors from osgi console.

Service mandatory wait is asynchronous.

Extender Bundle – is like SpringContextLoadListener in web Apps

Extender bundles creates appContext for all bundles which are in ACTIVE state.

Accessing BundleContext – implements BundleContextAware

Either put appcontext file in META-INF / spring or use Spring-Context header in manifest file.

Mandatory Service


Cardinality - 1:1 ,0:1, 0:n,1:n – renamed as availability attribute in Dm 2.0

osgi: set and osgi:list

Consumers can listen to bind-unbind events

Publishers can register to register and unregister events.

RFC 124 – Moving towards component and service than spring specific osgi:service and bean .

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