Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spring Training -Day 6

Telnet console 2401 – ssh shell -2402 in DM2 .

2.0 release will have both osgi console and dm shell (osgi console will be disabled by default)

Dm Kernel – lightweight – no web profile.

No plans to support EJB

Bundles in usr directory is not exposing service because – not in active state – need to get some code to move it to active state.

Bundles in pick up move to active state by default.

Import – org.osgi.framework – will not work , as jar is in lib directory .Work Around is to copy paste it into repository/bundles/usr.

Spring dm automatically creates a property for service by name – bean name.

Also application context itself is exposed as service – can be verified with osgi console

Logback – for logging in dm 2.0

In JVM failure - can be achieved using ranking attribute

Load time weaving – more complex when many bundles are there , so hardcoded in DM server - just below boot Classloader (this is not possible with aspectj being a bundle)

Require Bundle(used for Split packages)

Require bundle – all exported packages are imported

Deployment pipeline – Like wars and non osgi headers still works under spring DM because –this is processed by DM server to convert it into osgi complaint bundle - End result is visible in work directory

When Dm server starts all bundles are not seen in osgi console – They move to resolved state , only when required(looking to find required imports) they move to resolved state.

Osgi reference has bean name attribute which can be used as default filter.

Bundles have version , services have ranking – Service ranking is part of OSGi spec

Custom osgi commands – implement Command Provider – equinox specific

2.0 modules – has attribute - sticky for service.

Spring integration

Enterprise Integration Pattern –implementers are SI and Camel

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